1 session @ US$467.00

3 Body Systems: Addressing the neuroendocrine, gastrointestinal, & detoxification systems to restore health, layered with your predisposition and genomic data.


  • 1 - 60 min session
  • Lab reviews and wellness plan to outline your roadmap for success
  • Expert review and oversight with panel of leading functional medicine doctors)
  • Design of first supplement program
  • Additional diet and lifestyle support as needed
  • Excludes test kit lab fees (see below)

*Test fees not included, all test fees will be payable to Genova Diagnostics on lab requisition (or 3x4 Genetics test company) at the time you are shipping your sample to the lab.

Tests completed during this program:

  • Adrenocortex: $159
  • GI Effects: $379 (H.pylori add-on available for $30, and KOH yeast add-on for $15)
  • Organic Acids: $279
  • Genomics: $289

**Subsequent monthly follow-up sessions will be needed for the year, billed at $258/hr and $129/30 min.